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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Pintrest - The New Social Media Craze

Pintrest the latest social media craze sweeping the world. (if you haven't heard of this you have now)
This Social site differs from the others as you share your interest through photos /pictures first and then add a few words to that, you can create your GROUPS of interest and follow the particular subjects groups or you can follow people.  You can also start your own group or interest. You don't have to be a photographer or an artist, just grab a picture you like off the web (or use your own) which inspires or appeals to you and say a few words or just post the picture, You can even grab a picture off the Pintrest board and re pin it on your space.  People use it for personal pleasure (no comments please) for common groups or to promote their business.
The Trend at the moment is : Saturated Geometric Patterns (I don't have the foggiest either, but its something to do with angles)
Can you believe that some people have Pintrest gatherings/ meets and parties, Of course during the course of the party they take loads of pictures of each other along with the food and drink, Yes you have guessed it, then they PIN their interests onto Pintrest (these party goers are mainly women, based on facts not my opinion. honest)
There is also a Facebook page where you can go to and ask/request an invite.
There is also a blog with pinterviews, pintips pin round ups and pintresting trends
The other unusual part of Pintrest is you either have to be invited or request an invite to get on their site. Will you be there ????
You could start your own group
The Happy workforce / The Bill leaving party / my weekends
Your only limit is your imagination and desire

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