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Monday, 30 January 2012

ICE 2012 Update

The Gardens in Summer
The ICE show has now come and gone again for another year, you may have seen in the newsletter that TCSJH decided that  as ICE was in its last year at Earls Court that we would do things a little differently.  Luke and Tracy  emulated the successfully format they have used in Vegas for several years. AAA (Access All Areas)

They chose the KensingtonRoof Gardens (owned by the Virgin Group and purchased by Richard Branson in 1986) which.
The idea is to give the customer an Experience from the moment they enter the venue until they leave.

If the customers used our transport from Earls Courts to our venue then that experience started at Earls Court in our VIP waiting lounge right outside Earls Courts main doors, they were then whisked away on our mini buses, (3) well they were once mini buses but all the seats had been ripped out and replaced with leather seats along with playstations and video screens to help ease the pain of the London traffic.

The other aim of the change of venue was to truly have a captive audience which was achieved as many of the customers who did attend never left until we had to ask them to leave politely.

The main interest from the UK customers was around our "INFINITY DEALER" and our "TABLET SOLUTION" coming to casinos near you very soon.

Interest was also shown for the SUPERNOVA Table Bonus system (progressive) which is also in the process of migrating to Roulette as well as all the card based games.  DAR (Double Action Roulette) was also a popular pull

The show was a success from the attendance figures (approx 1000) and hopefully they will be later turned in into sales later in the year, so a big well done from planning to execution to all those involved in the show, Of course the sales teams are backed up by the excellent support the engineers provide year to year  to the front line customers aided by logistics and the Stoke teams which make the sales pitches that much easier . We are all in it together and all play an important part in TCSJH

I may even have some pictures for future captions of the week

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